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Conductor DC Resistance @20°C   [Ω/km] 20.7
Insulation resistance   [MΩ/km] >1000
Impendence ZL [Ohm] 75+/-3
Capacitance C [PF/m] 67+/-4
Rel. velocity ratio V rel % 85
Test voltage   [kV] 1.0
Return Loss:     20db min(5-200MHZ)



Frequency Attenuation at 20 °C
MHz dB/100m
1 0.55
10 1.8
30 3.2
200 9.00
Inner Conductor multi copper wire stranded, diameter 1,17 ± 0,05 mm, 7 x 0,4 mm
Insulation PE outer Diamtere 7.3mm
Sheild Braid Of copper wire with Min Coverage 65% 
Sheathing PVC Compound with Outher Diameter 10.4 +- 0.1 mm
Color Black
Tempereture Range
Installation Temp -15°C up to +55°C
Working Temp -40°C up to +85°C
Mechanical Cherestristics
Bending Radius Without Load : 5XD
Under Load :10 X D
Flame Behavior Acc to  IEC 60332-1
Cable Weight 143 Kg/Km


These series of coaxial cable are specially designed and manufactured to be use in the noisy area (high interference) and longer run system design.  They are the most suited to CCTV system where the signal interruption degrading the system is not acceptable.  The high density shielding (95% coverage) of the cable clears up EMI/RF interference, especially, in 0 – 50 MHz frequency region which mostly affected by, for example, the transiant signal generated by the motor starts up, electrical appliance emission and other sources leading the interference to the system.  Moreover, they are also suitable to use in the CATV, MATV, Satellite TVRO/Internet and Telecomm interconnect system.  The signal attenuation meets the standard ensuring that it will fall under the desgined margin of the power budget.